Drug discount cards: A video from a pharmacist

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Prescription discount cards are big business. Here’s one pharmacist talking about how it looks from his end when someone brings in a discount card or coupon.

He’s not very positive in this video posted on YouTube. Of course, there’s money involved — who benefits from the use or non-use of a card? — so everything anyone says should be taken with a grain of salt. But this is an interesting perspective, from the other side of the cash register, and a perspective I have not seen.

The terms of the cards all vary, so a blanket condemnation seems too complete, and that’s not exactly what he gives.

In response to a commenter who complained that the video suggests there is little or no value in such cards, he commented: “I would encourage you to start the video at the 6:07 mark, where I clearly state that these cards do occasionally save money. I review contracts with insurance contracts and discount cards yearly. The discounts with insurance companies are ALWAYS deeper than discount cards. If a patient is without insurance, we offer our discount program, similar to all discount cards, without selling a patient’s data, and provides similar or better pricing than our competitors.”