Us! Us! Trumpcare Needs Milton Friedman: Seeking Alpha

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Summary: Here we are, on “Seeking Alpha,” an investment research site, in a piece written by Larry Abrams: “We would like to mention just two of the many healthcare startups out there with services focused on enhancing consumer-directed healthcare. Both would thrive if Trumpcare were based on Milton Friedman’s ideas. One is a basic healthcare clinic just starting up in San Francisco called Forward. The innovation here is an out-of-pocket only subscription business model of $1,800 a year billed annually. They do not accept insurance. This type of clinic is made-to-order for consumer-directed healthcare. The other startup we want to mention is the crowd-sourced price discovery website Clear Health Costs. Here is just one screenshot to give you some idea of its value to consumer-directed healthcare.” Larry Abrams, “Trumpcare Needs Milton Friedman,” Seeking Alpha.