For some Louisiana health insurers, explanations of benefits are anything but:

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“When people go to the supermarket, they expect prices to be clearly posted in the store and then listed in an itemized receipt at checkout. If shoppers notice they’ve been overcharged for a carton of milk, they assume the cashier will issue them a refund on the spot.” our partner Jed Lipinski writes over at […]

An off-the-charts launch: Our New Orleans partnership

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Summary: Our New Orleans partnership has brought a response that is off the charts in every way. We are a little more than two weeks from our launch, and we are hearing from 10-60 people a day with data and questions on health care pricing. We’re also the topic of conversation in the community. In […]

“Cracking The Code,” with ClearHealthCosts: e-Patient Dave

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Summary: “Fox 8 NOLA’s “Cracking The Code,” with ClearHealthCosts Video of the first episode is below,” Dave deBronkart writes over at e-Patient Dave, in a post that refers to our newest partnership and also catalogs Dave’s writing about costs. “Regular readers know that among my various causes – patient-centered care, patient access to our medical […]

PriceCheck: We’re creating health cost guides with our partners and our communities across the nation

Our work with PriceCheck, our health cost transparency partnerships with media and other organizations, has stretched across the nation, bringing thousands of people to our partner web sites to share and search prices — from databases, from our reporting, and from our communities. We build interactive software and place it on our partners’ sites, using pricing […]

How much does a brain MRI cost? Well, $250 or $1,850, or $8,000

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Summary: How much does a brain MRI cost? Well, $250 or $1,850 — or $8,000. “Had a problem with high deductible insurance. I decided not to deal with the insurance and just pay out of my HSA. The bill said my balance was $1850.00, however it also had a handwritten amount of $250.00. Not sure […]

Our new PriceCheck partnership: Florida, here we come

Summary: We’re adding a Florida PriceCheck partnership soon. Our partners are WLRN public radio in Miami/south Florida; WUSF public radio in the Tampa Bay area; and their collaboration, Health News Florida. “Consumers skeptical about the real cost of health care will soon have a resource where they can ask and share with their neighbors the price of […]

Shopping for health care: A few thoughts on how to do it

Summary: Yes, people are shopping for health care. Some are better at it than others, and some providers and payers (read: doctors/hospitals and insurers) are better than others about revealing information. We’re always interested to hear when people who haven’t encountered these truths come up against the real world. So when Sarah Kliff, the well-respected […]

Hello, Philadelphia! We’re here to inventory your health care prices.

Summary: We’re excited to be rolling out WHYY’s PriceCheck project in Philadelphia, with our great partners at WHYY The Pulse in Philadelphia. We’re kicking off a six-month project to build a community-created guide to health care prices in the Delaware Valley with the WHYY The Pulse journalists, on the model of our California PriceCheck project. […]

Is it cheaper to pay cash than to use your insurance? Maybe.

Summary: Are you paying more because you have health insurance than a cash customer pays? It’s definitely happening for some people. Many of us are accustomed to thinking that we pay insurance premiums to get access to a lower cost for health care procedures — that being the “negotiated rate” or “contracted rate” that the insurance […]

Harvard Business Review-New England Journal of Medicine features us

Summary: The Harvard Business Review/New England Journal of Medicine featured my article describing and our work on PriceCheck on Nov. 26. In a piece titled “It’s Absurd That Health Care Costs Are So Confusing,” I explained how health cost transparency is helping empower people in the marketplace. CLICK HERE FOR PRICES