The ambulance to the hospital: How much does it cost?

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Many of us won’t have to ride in an ambulance, ever. Many of us will. Here’s an interesting discussion about costs and reimbursement over in New Jersey, on the Maplewood Online message board.

How much does an emergency ride to the hospital cost? The answer’s complicated. The bill could be for $600, $2,500, $3,900, $3,267….

The payment, from the individual or the insurance company: $430, $600, $2,500, $1,372….

Sometimes the difference appears to be whether it’s an ambulance or an emergency service, or just which emergency service. Also the payment: of course, who’s the insurance company and what’s their negotiated rate with that particular provider.

The biggest surprise was the person  who wrote:

“About 4 years ago my younger son choked on an apple. I was able to Heimlich him but he still wasn’t breathing normally. Called the ambulance and the Maplewood squad showed up in minutes. 2 blocks before we got to St. B they pull over and another ambulance pulls up. They switch staff and tell me these new guys were better trained for pediatric emergencies. I didn’t understand why we stopped because we were almost at the hospital and all they did was give my boy oxygen while I held him.

“We eventually received 2 bills. MONOC’s was $2500. Local was maybe $250. I made a lot of phone calls. There is some sort of law that required MONOC to respond but I can’t remember the details but I fought it.”