LAASTARI home web page

My new favorite place is the Laastari Clinics system in Finland.

Why? I like their web site. Their CEO started following me on Twitter. And I can visit their clinics any time for only 45 Euros.

It may be inconvenient to get there, but I like the feel of the place. Walk-in visits only, no mystery.

“With us, healthcare is based on the customer,” says the English-language version of the Laastari Clinic site. You can visit us 7 days a week without an appointment. Each visit costs 45€ at all times, including laboratory and office fees, as well as prescriptions. We treat everyone over the age of 2.”

“In the clinic, a registered nurse will conduct examinations in accordance with your illness and current care recommendations and, if necessary, consult a general practitioner or a specialist in terms of treatment. When necessary, the doctor will write you a prescription directly to the pharmacy, from where you can pick up your medication right after leaving the clinic.”

Ville Ohman is the CEO. His Twitter bio: “Ceo of Laastari retail clinics. We change the way healthcare is delivered. Quality, affordability, convenience, patient engagement. Stockholm, Sweden ·”


Jeanne Pinder

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