Buying health insurance: Our tools for open enrollment, Nov. 15-Feb. 15

Kaiser's analysis of 2015 rates
Kaiser’s analysis of 2015 rates

Summary: We have a collection of tools and information about buying health insurance. While this is not our speciality — price transparency is what we do best! — we do present handy tools for this complicated task. Open enrollment for many employer-sponsored plans has been under way for a bit, and the federal and state insurance-shopping exchanges are scheduled to open Nov. 15 and stay open through Feb. 15. What do you need to know? We’re updating our “Finding Insurance” page from last year with fresh resources as fast as we can. You can find it here




The introduction to our insurance-buying page:

Here’s everything you wanted to know about finding insurance under the Affordable Care Act, complete with videos. (Editor’s note: Updated Nov. 2014; some of the citations here still have year-ago data, but they are also being gradually freshened.)

Here are some cool tools:

Want to know 2015 rates in your state? Here’s an analysis of the rates from The Kaiser Family Foundation for 2015; it’s the most exhaustive resource we’ve found so far. You’ll need to click through to “Issue brief” (or click on the image above) and scroll down for state-by-state information; we’ll update here as we find better resources.

If you have not been able to buy coverage because it’s been too expensive, the act is supposed to rectify that by offering subsidies based on income and family size; see the subsidy calculator here. Different states may also have their own: here’s the one for New York, on New York State of Health.

Not sure where your state’s exchange is? Find it here.

To preview plans in your area, go here: It’s a page. Individual state exchanges also have their pages, without stopping at Here’s Maryland’s, for example.

For more, click here to go to the “Finding Insurance” page.