The Costs of Breast Cancer in the U.S.: Costs of Care

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Summary: “In 2010, the cost of treating breast cancer was about $16.5 billion in the United States — higher than any other type of cancer. This is expected to increase to $20.5 billion by 2020,” Shane Ryan writes in “The Cost of Breast Cancer in the U.S.” at “Individual costs vary, depending on the stage of the malignancy and treatment options selected. In the midst of the distress of receiving a cancer diagnosis, many patients feel unsure about discussing money when a treatment plan is being created. That’s why it’s essential that the entire team be involved to understand each patient’s individual situation, the cost of recommended treatments for that specific patient, and what the financial impact will be. A recent study from the University of North Carolina shed light on this issue. Researchers found that uninsured cancer patients often pay anywhere from two to 43 times what Medicare would pay for chemotherapy, as well as higher rates for physician visits.” Shane Ryan, “The Costs of Breast Cancer in the U.S.” Costs of Care.