Prices for inexpensive MRI’s in New York, but are they real?

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I made a quick phone call just now to the folks at Medical Discounts Inc., “Saving Americans Money on Their Healthcare” (888) 380-6337. They’re advertising low-cost MRI’s in various cities and states, prices that seemed too low to be true (check out our price lists for an MRI). So I asked: Their New York price […]

Most common? Transfusions, childbirth, circumcision.

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  What are the most common medical procedures? We are interested in knowing, so we did some research. Blood transfusion, it turns out, and childbirth. Oh, and circumcision. According to a list of the top 10 procedures billed to Medicare in U.S. hospitals in 2003, excluding pregnancy and childbirth, as published by the Agency for […]

Laurels to NYU Langone for this public resource on health

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Sometimes we complain about the terrible state of the health-care system in this country. A lot of the time, in fact. So it’s really nice to be able to praise someone. I just tripped across this fabulous listing of free and low-cost health-care resources for New Yorkers, brought to the web by the NYC Free […]

How much does a vasectomy cost?

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SUMMARY: The cost of birth-control pills and devices has been in the news a lot lately. But we haven’t seen a lot about the cost of vasectomies. In our continuing effort to bring transparency to the health-care marketplace, we did a little reporting on the price of a vasectomy, spurred by the news that doctors have […]

Aetna: Watching an insurance giant transform itself

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“Health insurance companies strayed from their roles as insurance companies and became prepaid healthcare service companies mucking around with the equivalent of car tune-ups, tire changes and the like. Imagine if we had co-pays, deductibles, Explanation of Benefits for tune-ups and tire changes. We would be paying a 40% insurance bureaucracy tax there as well. Health insurance […]

Another transparency player: HealthGram, from N.C.

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  A new (to us) transparency player: HealthGram, from North Carolina. They do benefits administration, price negotiation, prevention management–health care, dental care, FSA and HSA, compliance etc. They have this interesting fee schedule calculator, which they use to predict and negotiate fees, based on the Medicare schedule. They also help employers providers develop networks, manage […]

Hooray for us! Thanks, McCormick Foundation and J-Lab!

Celebrate with us! We are delighted to announce that we’ve been chosen one of four winners in the McCormick Foundation New Media Women Entrepreneurs project, an initiative of  J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism. The four grantees for 2012 were chosen from a group of 227 applicants by the highly respected McCormick judges. “This year’s winners […]

3 Young Companies Tackle Rising Health Costs

From around the web, a slew of publicity about startups and young companies working to address the rising costs of health care: Our friend Susan Nicholas, head of Docpons, won a pitch contest in California a few days ago. Congratulations, Susan! Docpons, a Groupon for medical services, is based in Atlanta, and Susan — an […]