Insurance companies pay less than the government does

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News flash: Here’s a doctor telling us that insurance companies consistently reimburse him less than the government pays for many procedures “United Health Care is consistently one of my lowest payers. For example, they pay me $65 and Blue Shield (the insurance provider in the first example) pays me $73 for an office visit. For the same […]

HealthFoo: It’s amazing. Health care’s being transformed.

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  The smartest people in the country who are engaging in transformational health enterprises were invited to the HealthFoo  unconference in Boston last weekend. And wow, I got to be there. As my new friend Ted Eytan says, many of us felt we had a case of impostor syndrome — the view that someone had […]

“What if health care…”: The #bcsm community dreams

  The people over on Twitter had a great chat about breast cancer treatment the other night. If you’ve never seen a Tweetchat, zip on over and take a look: #bcsm is the hashtag, and the screenshot below is a sampling of their conversation. (It takes place every Monday.) The focus was #whatifhc, the extremely […]

The $18 baby aspirin, and other horror stories

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Hospital markups on drugs are notoriously high. Here are some examples, from a piece by Susan Jaffe at Kaiser Health News, in collaboration with USA Today: “In Missouri, several Medicare observation patients were billed $18 for one baby aspirin, said Ruth Dockins, a senior advocate at the Southeast Missouri Area Agency on Aging. “Pearl Beras, […]

Showing prices is not the same as pricing transparency

While hunting for health-care price figures we found, which at first sight appears to be another great health care transparency resource with tons of fantastic data. Equipped with a friendly and consumer-empowering “main street” feel, the site promises to help you “make smart choices about your care” and “learn how to stretch your health […]

Employers save $422 billion if they dump health coverage. Will they?

“A new report, out Tuesday from the House Ways and Means  Committee, estimates that America’s 100 largest companies could save a collective $422 billion over a decade” by ending health coverage. — Sarah Kliff, Wonkbook, The report starts out advertising its genesis. This is the title: “BROKEN PROMISE: Why ObamaCare Will Force Americans to […]

The ambulance to the hospital: How much does it cost?

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Many of us won’t have to ride in an ambulance, ever. Many of us will. Here’s an interesting discussion about costs and reimbursement over in New Jersey, on the Maplewood Online message board. How much does an emergency ride to the hospital cost? The answer’s complicated. The bill could be for $600, $2,500, $3,900, $3,267…. […]