Anesthesia overcharges, and competition that increases prices

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  Few people who read their medical bills would be surprised by a high charge for anesthesia. It seems to be a topic that others have experienced, as I did a while ago (see blog post here). But here’s a story by Adam Marcus at Anesthesiology News that is likely to surprise you: it’s about […]

Hmm. The price: $12.10 without insurance, $38 with.

Summary: A friend writes: In July, a close friend of mine celebrated his 65th birthday. My friend, who I’ll call Howard, spent the weeks leading up to his birthday reviewing his options for Medicare enrollment, carefully picking the plans that made most sense for him: a Part A plan for hospitalizations; a Part B plan […]

Overhauling the system: Rising costs and consumer-driven care

An overhaul of  the health-care system much bigger than what’s been described so far is necessary, writes Robert Samuelson in The Washington Post. “What propels U.S. health spending upward? The …  answer comes in two parts: steep prices and abundant provision of some expensive services. In 2007, an appendectomy cost $7,962 in the United States, […]

Another reason for rising health-care costs

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From The Washington Post: “A think tank founded by GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich collected at least $37 million over the past eight years from major health-care companies and industry groups, offering special access to the former House speaker and other perks, according to records and interviews,” Dan Eggen of The Post reports. “The Center […]

A walk-in visit: Urgent Care Manhattan

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A walk-in visit: Urgent Care Manhattan

When two former emergency room doctors decided to start up a walk-in clinic, they were looking for a change from the hustle of the hospital setting. “We realized we could have a kinder, gentler, nicer way to take care of patients,” said Urgent Care Manhattan co-founder Dr. Mark Melrose. Urgent Care Manhattan has been open […]

News of the day: A ZocDoc competitor, doc ratings, the uninsured

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Here’s a smattering of news from today: This looks to us like a ZocDoc competitor, based in Cincinnati: “YourCity.MD Introduces Dr. Now™ Feature which Reduces Health Care Costs, Improves Patient to Doctor Access & Doctors Instantly Become More Productive with a Tractable ROI.” PRNewswire. Health-insurance denials: “Obtaining a comprehensive individual health insurance plan can be fraught with […]

How much does an MRI cost? 7 U.S. databases that can help

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Price lists for medical treatment are just about our favorite thing over here at ClearHealthCosts. We think people should be able to know what stuff costs in health care, and anything that sheds light on that — however fragmentary or imperfect — is good, as far as we’re concerned. We’ve collected some resources, and are […]

A move to let government set health-care prices

Massachusetts wants to allow government to fix health-care prices in some cases. We’re watching closely. “Here’s a pretty simple explanation for all the price variation: hospitals negotiate specific rates for specific insurance companies,” Sarah Kliff writes on Wonkblog at The Washington Post. “They gauge the size of the insurance company and how many patients it […]