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The roundup: Health reform, journalism, costs and hospital safety

A British View of the US Health Reform and US Health Journalism | Reporting on Health. The Annenberg School for Communications at the University of Southern California Harvard School of Public Health analysis (in slides) of the health-care crisis HSPH Hundreds of thousands of 20-somethings join parents’ health-care plans under new health law Kaiser Health […]

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Roundup: Insurance, Medicaid, technology, house calls

Illinois Insurance Chief (Soon to Head U.S. Insurance Office) Sees Market Becoming More Concentrated  —   Kaiser Health News “Are you hearing anecdotal stories from consumers? “We sure are. People in the pre-Medicare age have a lot of trouble receiving individual and family coverage. Historically someone in that group would receive an offer of coverage […]

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Health cost fraud: The Most Wanted

This is for real: a Web site from the Health and Human Services Department showing the most wanted fugitives committing Medicare and Medicaid fraud. For example: “Carlos, Luis, and Jose Benitez, commonly referred to as the Benitez brothers, allegedly schemed to submit false and fraudulent claims to Medicare, pocketing approximately $110 million from Medicare, according […]