Executive pay and health-care costs

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One of the reasons health-care costs are so high is executive pay. Of the nation’s top 100 highest-paid CEO’s, 19 are from the health-care field, starting out with Fred Hassan at Merck, who earned $49,653,063 in 2009, according to the top 100 database the AFL-CIO has collected via salary.com and posted  on its Web site. […]

Groupons for Health Care Services: No-Brainer or Legal Minefield?

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Groupons for Health Care Services: “We’ve all bought Groupons for a wide variety of goods and services — dinner at a new restaurant, a periodical subscription, clothing, a hot air balloon ride — but most of us have not bought a Groupon for health care services. Thus far, the health care offerings via Groupon seem to […]

Money, strategy, politics

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“Everyone involved [in health care in the U.S.] is preparing for an uncertain future by attempting to maximize their advantage at the start, a strategy that pushes everything up.  All seem to have absorbed the unspoken central message that the reformed system aims to reduce consumption.” –Jim Jaffe from centeredpolitics.com on one unintended effect of […]

What we’re reading

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Hair-raising news from Robert Pear of The New York Times about health-insurance premium increases: “MANCHESTER, N.H. — Workers at a circuit-board factory here just saw their health insurance premiums rise 20 percent. At Buddy Zaremba’s print shop nearby, the increase was 37 percent. And for engineers at the Woodland Design Group, they rose 43 percent.” […]

Why does it cost so much?

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My friend S. has been involved in the business side of health care for many years. I asked her why it costs so much. “Part of it is that it does cost that much,” she said. “It’s really expensive to provide health care. There’s the doctor, the office, the people, the equipment, the facility. Health […]

Looking forward

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Paul Levy, who used to run Beth Israel Deaconess hospital in Boston, blogs: “Paying more for the amenities you may never need “Let’s continue our discussion about the future of employer-based insurance products in the US. We have talked about a general shift of employer-based plans to insurance exchanges and Medicaid; about a shift of […]

Doctors order tests …

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It says here that doctors order tests to  fend off lawsuits, says study – Health – Health care – msnbc.com. And here it says that giving someone a health insurance card doesn’t automatically guarantee good health, or good care.