Isn’t every colonoscopy free now? Well, not exactly.

Isn’t every colonoscopy free now? Well, not exactly.

(Updated 2022) Aren’t all colonoscopies free now? No. While the Affordable Care Act includes free preventive procedures like colonoscopies, we’re hearing more and more that people are being asked to pay, from community members in  our partnerships with public radio stations KPCC in Los Angeles, KQED in San Francisco and WHYY in Philadelphia. We don’t know anyone […]

‘Benevolent geniuses’ are working to lower health costs: The Billfold

Summary: We are really humbled to be written about this way, as we were in The Billfold on Dec. 4. “This Cost Conversations in Healthcare conference I was invited to address, put on by dedicated people from the ABIM Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson, and Costs of Care, has been fascinating,” Ester Bloom writes on The Billfold. “Just being in […]

Talking about medical quality: Consider the source

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Summary: Measuring quality is a constant challenge in health care: quality of providers, quality of hospitals, quality of drugs, quality of treatments. Much of what’s out there is conflicting or written for professionals. A lot of quality information is actually delivered in the form of marketing materials, written to induce patients and providers to choose […]