15 Highest-Paid Biopharma CEOs of 2013: Follow the money

Summary: The $1,000 hepatitis C drug Sovaldi has been in the news lately for the potential dislocation to drug prices, as well as for its therapeutic benefit to hepatitis C patients. The story behind the story involves Congress planning hearings, patients begging for treatment, drug producers explaining that such high prices barely cover their costs, […]

Dollars for Docs: $1 million in drug consulting fees, told by ProPublica

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Follow the money. Our esteemed friends at ProPublica have added to their Dollars for Docs database, putting even more information in the hands of the public about what drug companies have made payments to which doctors. “When Dollars for Docs first launched in 2010, ProPublica spoke with several of the dozens of doctors who had earned more than $200,000 […]