1 in 4 employer health plans could be affected by ‘Cadillac Tax’

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Summary: “New projections from the Kaiser Family Foundation estimate that one in four employers (26%) offering health benefits could be subject to the Affordable Care Act’s tax on high-cost health plans, also known as the ‘Cadillac plan’ tax, in 2018 unless they make changes to their plans,” the Kaiser Family Foundation reported. “The analysis also […]

The Cadillac tax on insurance, and the auto unions: Investors.com

Summary: Here comes the Cadillac tax, and one place where it will be meaningful is in the auto industry, as Investor’s Business Daily points out: “The four-year contract that GM, Fiat Chrysler and Ford (NYSE:F) will hammer out with the UAW will cover the beginning of the so-called Cadillac tax, an ObamaCare provision that goes […]