People are shopping for health care. This is what it sounds like.

People are shopping for health care. This is what it sounds like.

Culture change is here. People are upset about their health costs, and they’re acting like consumers in the marketplace. They’re looking for value, and for providers who will cure their ills and treat them like thinking beings. We know this because they’re telling us on our PriceCheck project, crowdsourcing health-care prices with our partners KQED public radio […]

A condom-finder app and a helpful eCard: oops, you’ve been exposed

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Doctors in California have come up with a condom-finding smartphone app that they hope will help curb Sacramento’s rising STD rates. Sacramento’s Cares Community Health recently released a Condom Finder app that directs users to free condom dispensers in the area. Located in local businesses, the dispensers are stocked and maintained by the organization. CBS Sacramento […]

California, and L.A., offer options to help those in need of health care

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You learn a lot about state-by-state health care when collecting prices as we do. Socioeconomics, demographics, geography – all of these things can make a huge difference in cash-pay prices for health care procedures and commodities. One thing we learned while collecting prices in the greater Los Angeles area is that there are a surprising […]

How much does an MRI cost?

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We like price lists. So it’s not surprising that we found ourselves perusing a California hospital’s list of charges one afternoon. This is for Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, and we focused on one of the prices that we know a lot about: the MRI of the lumbar spine, HCPCS code 72148, without contrast or […]

California prices vary widely, study says, not surprisingly

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Sticker prices for surgical procedures vary widely, with charges for a Caesarean section ranging from $12,972 to $41,833, according to a new study by the the California Public Interest Research Group, according to an article in The Sacramento Bee. “A group of public-interest researchers took on the veiled, confounding world of hospital pricing Thursday in […]