A condom-finder app and a helpful eCard: oops, you’ve been exposed

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Doctors in California have come up with a condom-finding smartphone app that they hope will help curb Sacramento’s rising STD rates. Sacramento’s Cares Community Health recently released a Condom Finder app that directs users to free condom dispensers in the area. Located in local businesses, the dispensers are stocked and maintained by the organization. CBS Sacramento […]

California, and L.A., offer options to help those in need of health care

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You learn a lot about state-by-state health care when collecting prices as we do. Socioeconomics, demographics, geography – all of these things can make a huge difference in cash-pay prices for health care procedures and commodities. One thing we learned while collecting prices in the greater Los Angeles area is that there are a surprising […]

How much does an MRI cost?

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We like price lists. So it’s not surprising that we found ourselves perusing a California hospital’s list of charges one afternoon. This is for Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, and we focused on one of the prices that we know a lot about: the MRI of the lumbar spine, HCPCS code 72148, without contrast or […]

California prices vary widely, study says, not surprisingly

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Sticker prices for surgical procedures vary widely, with charges for a Caesarean section ranging from $12,972 to $41,833, according to a new study by the the California Public Interest Research Group, according to an article in The Sacramento Bee. “A group of public-interest researchers took on the veiled, confounding world of hospital pricing Thursday in […]