Yes, of course, people ARE shopping for health care. And they are saving money.

Yes, of course, people ARE shopping for health care. And they are saving money.

Every time people try to tell us that no one is shopping for health care, we object. People are shopping for health care. It’s surprising that  so many people cannot see this. A pair of recent studies concluded that little or no active or effective shopping around is getting done. Both are described on the blog of the […]

Illuminating Health Care Prices: We’re featured by George Washington U. online resource

Summary: ClearHealthCosts is featured along with 13 other health cost transparency organizations in a post titled “Illuminating Health Care Prices: Organizations to Watch” on the executive masters of health administration online site at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at The George Washington University. Emily Newhook, the community relations manager for the Milken Institute […]

Castlight, ClearHealthCosts and more: GigaOm on transparency

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We’re on GigaOm today! “As health care costs rise and employers shift to high-deductible health plans that require their employees to bear a greater share of health care costs, companies like Castlight are trying to boost transparency and bring a new wave of consumerism to health care. Castlight, which has raised $181 million in venture […]

Transparency, Castlight and us, or, How much does an MRI cost?

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SUMMARY: Everybody knows how excited we are to be part of the  growing transparency movement in the health-care marketplace. So you can guess how happy we were to see this piece in “Wonkbook” on the Washington Post web site, titled “How much does an MRI cost? In D.C., anywhere from $400 to $1,861.”