Women, men, health care costs: Speaking different languages

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Women, men, health care costs: Speaking different languages

Summary: Men and women in the United States think very differently about health care costs. When I talk about the topic, it’s common for me to see half of my listeners zoning out — the male half. Why? Well, because women make or influence 90 percent of the health care decisions in this country, according to […]

‘Reference pricing’ has marginal benefit, study finds: Kaiser Health

Summary: “In an effort to slow health care spending, more employers are looking at capping what they pay for certain procedures — like joint replacements — and requiring insured workers who choose hospitals or medical facilities that exceed the cap to pay the difference themselves. But a study out Thursday finds employers might be disappointed […]

Low-cost hospitals can deliver better quality: Modern Healthcare

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SUMMARY: We’re often asked about the relationship between cost and quality: If it’s more expensive, it must be better, right? A recent piece in Modern Healthcare tries to get to the bottom of what it calls the “disconnects between lower costs and better outcomes” by examining outcomes of angioplasty or coronary angioplasty — sending a balloon […]

Employer health insurance dropped sharply from 2007-2010: Study

“In 2007, close to two of three people younger than 65 were enrolled in employer-sponsored insurance. By 2010, that share had fallen to slightly more than half, a decline of 10 percentage points, according to HSC’s nationally representative 2010 Health Tracking Household Survey (see Data Source and Figure 1). The sharp drop in employer coverage […]