Know the price: A spirited debate

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A plea for transparency in pricing came the other day from the excellent Merrill Goozner, writing on The Health Care Blog. There’s no way to have consumer-driven health care, he writes, if prices will still be opaque. “Employers are already moving in the direction of giving consumers ‘more skin in the game,’ according to a […]

Most common? Transfusions, childbirth, circumcision.

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  What are the most common medical procedures? We are interested in knowing, so we did some research. Blood transfusion, it turns out, and childbirth. Oh, and circumcision. According to a list of the top 10 procedures billed to Medicare in U.S. hospitals in 2003, excluding pregnancy and childbirth, as published by the Agency for […]

Aetna: Watching an insurance giant transform itself

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“Health insurance companies strayed from their roles as insurance companies and became prepaid healthcare service companies mucking around with the equivalent of car tune-ups, tire changes and the like. Imagine if we had co-pays, deductibles, Explanation of Benefits for tune-ups and tire changes. We would be paying a 40% insurance bureaucracy tax there as well. Health insurance […]

3 Young Companies Tackle Rising Health Costs

From around the web, a slew of publicity about startups and young companies working to address the rising costs of health care: Our friend Susan Nicholas, head of Docpons, won a pitch contest in California a few days ago. Congratulations, Susan! Docpons, a Groupon for medical services, is based in Atlanta, and Susan — an […]

Study Finds New York Hospitals Flout Charity Rules:

From Nina Bernstein at The New York Times,  on how hospitals deal with charity aid: “Ms. Rubel’s medical problem was rare, a result of a benign tumor on her adrenal gland, but the financial consequences were not unusual. She depleted her savings to pay $17,000 for surgery to remove the tumor, and then watched, ’emotionally […]