Physician Ratings: Doctors Distrust Them, and Patients Ignore Them

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“The many and various ‘doctor review’ sites seem to be as popular as the flu bug floating around the office. Doctors don’t like them and patients don’t use them, according to two recent surveys. “First, from the physician point of view… “The headline declares ‘Physicians Wary of Doctor Ratings,’ and the sentiment among physicians responding […]

Doctor practice consolidation and pay: A congressional report

Consolidation of doctor practices inside and outside of hospitals: it’s a big topic these days. Why is it important? Among other things, if a procedure is performed at a doctor’s office, it is reimbursed by Medicare at one rate; if it’s performed at a hospital, it’s reimbursed at another rate. The hospital rate, not surprisingly, […]

Patients are terrible consumers: Jon Cohen at TedMed

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Patients are terrible consumers, according to Jon Cohen, chief medical officer at Quest Diagnostics. In a video of his appearance at the June TedMed conference, he made these points: People with high-deductible plans and health savings accounts are saving money and not spending it on basic health care. Mammography rates, cervical cancer screening rates, colonoscopy […]

What does it cost? Why the question matters.

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  Casey Quinlan of Mighty Casey Media (Twitter @MightyCasey, @CancerForXmas) gave powerful voice to a patient’s perspective on controlling medical costs on the email list of the Society for Participatory Medicine. Casey is a writer, speaker and media consultant, who was asked to write a blog post on the topic, which is reprinted here.  Reblogged with permission from     […]

Hair-raising: Overtreatment in medicine

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For a catalog of some of the things that are seriously wrong with the American health-care system, run, don’t walk over to Well, the New York Times blog. Tara Parker-Pope, the extraordinary curator and writer and community-developer over there, wrote a story about overtreatment in medicine, and invited comment. Of course, overtreatment is often cited […]

Showing prices is not the same as pricing transparency

While hunting for health-care price figures we found, which at first sight appears to be another great health care transparency resource with tons of fantastic data. Equipped with a friendly and consumer-empowering “main street” feel, the site promises to help you “make smart choices about your care” and “learn how to stretch your health […]