So, Trump says he wants health cost transparency. What’s up with that?

So, Trump says he wants health cost transparency. What’s up with that?

So the Trump Administration issued an executive order on June 24, 2019, saying that it would set in place a process to make health prices available to consumers. Historically, of course, the prices people will pay to the doctor or hospital have been shrouded in secrecy — characterized as “trade secrets” by the hospitals, insurers […]

A.C.A. repeal without replacement could spur insurer exodus

Summary: “The incoming Donald Trump administration and Republicans in Congress reportedly are rushing to repeal most of the Affordable Care Act within days of taking office, with a possible delay of a year or two while they craft a replacement package,” Harris Meyer writes over at Modern Healthcare. “They’re also discussing quick administrative moves to unravel the […]

I read 7 Republican Obamacare replacement plans. Here’s what I learned: Sarah Kliff, Vox

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Summary: “If there’s one thing Republicans have been clear about for the past six years, it is that the top of their agenda includes repealing Obamacare,” writes Sarah Kliff over at Vox. “But Obamacare repeal would leave an estimated 22 million Americans without coverage and wreak havoc on the individual insurance market. It’s becoming increasingly […]

What’s next for the ACA? A roundup of early predictions

Summary: No one really knows what will happen when Donald Trump takes office, in light of his pledge to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Nothing is as simple as it sounds ever in life; also, Trump will have to contend with the fact that many parts of the A.C.A. were wildly popular with insurance companies, […]