It’s not just the uninsured — it’s also the cost of health care – Axios

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It’s not just the uninsured — it’s also the cost of health care – Axios

“We still have an uninsured problem in the U.S., but we have a far broader health care affordability problem that hits sick people especially hard,” Drew Altman writes over at Axios. “Why it matters: It’s time to think more broadly about who’s having trouble paying for the health care they need. The combination of lack […]

The Missing Debate Over Rising Deductibles: Wall Street Journal

Summary: “While the political world focuses on the Affordable Care Act, changes have been occurring for the many more Americans who get health insurance through work,” Drew Altman writes over on The Washington Wire blog at The Wall Street Journal. While I don’t agree that the debate is “missing” on this topic, as he suggests, […]

What we spend our health dollars on: The Wall Street Journal

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Summary: “People worry a lot about their health-care costs, such as the share they pay of their health premium or the size of their deductible,” Drew Altman, president and chief executive officer of the Kaiser Family Foundation, wrote in The Wall Street Journal. “But they tend to have a harder time getting their heads around […]