Drug coupons, patient assistance programs: How they work

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Summary: Drug coupon programs and patient assistance programs are frequently cited by big drug companies as a good way for patients to escape the skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs of medications. But are these programs universally good, or are they cleverly disguised marketing, sales and public relations programs that cost the companies little compared to what they […]

Drug Costs Top $50K A Year For Half Million Americans: Forbes

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Summary: “With the drug industry launching more expensive targeted therapies, the number of Americans with annual medication costs of more than $50,000 has jumped more than 60% to nearly 600,000, a new analysis shows,” Bruce Japsen writes at Forbes. “The latest drug spending trend report from pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts … shows 576,000 Americans with […]

How to shop smart for medications: A simple binder method

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This post about how to buy medications thoughtfully as a smart consumer appeared on one of my online groups. I thought it was so wise that I asked the author if I could post it here, and she agreed. The writer is Moyra Phillips, Huntsville, Ala., who identifies herself as “a wife, mother, grandmother.” The […]