“Cracking The Code,” with ClearHealthCosts: e-Patient Dave

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Summary: “Fox 8 NOLA’s “Cracking The Code,” with ClearHealthCosts Video of the first episode is below,” Dave deBronkart writes over at e-Patient Dave, in a post that refers to our newest partnership and also catalogs Dave’s writing about costs. “Regular readers know that among my various causes – patient-centered care, patient access to our medical […]

That ‘your Googling and my medical degree’ mug”: e-Patients.net

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Summary: “I can’t tell you how many people have flung this Facebook item at me since last night, starting with my wife. :-),” writes my friend e-Patient Dave deBronkart on the e-patients.net blog of the Society for Participatory Medicine. “It’s already approaching 25,000 shares. … Listen, people: Googling does not mean I think I’m a doctor. It’s […]

Crowdsourcing our coverage: Tell us what we should be writing about

  Summary:   Crowdsourcing is engaging a lot of news organizations today. While some journalists are nervous about crowdsourcing — “Yikes, we’d rather talk than listen, and what if they tell us something we don’t want to hear? Or something that we know isn’t true?” — we here at clearhealthcosts.com love crowdsourcing. We find, as […]