How much insurance deductibles have increased in employer plans: Money

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How much insurance deductibles have increased in employer plans: Money

“Workers with employer-sponsored insurance have seen their deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses rise at a rate far outpacing increases in wages over the past decade, according to a new analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation,” Alicia Adamczyk writes over at Money magazine. “The report found that the average amount enrollees paid toward their deductible rose […]

Get health insurance via employer? ACA repeal will affect you, too

Summary: “Much of the recent attention on the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has focused on the fate of the 22.5 million people likely to lose insurance through a repeal of Medicaid expansion and the loss of protections and subsidies in the individual insurance market,” JoAnn Volk writes over at Health Affairs (Related […]

The most expensive bills for employers: Cancer, kidney disease, leukemia, birth problems

  Summary: Cancer and kidney disease are the most costly conditions employers deal with by asking their stop-loss insurers to cover them, and an increase in health problems present at birth, and also premature births and associated problems, have cost stop-loss insurers an increasing amount of money, according to a new study by Sun Life […]

Open enrollment: Sears and Darden change insurance plan delivery

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Two big employers have announced that they will now change the way they help employees with health insurance: instead of finding and financing that insurance, they will give employees a fixed sum of money and let them shop for their own insurance, writes Anna Wilde Mathews in The Wall Street Journal. The two employers — […]