Women, men, health care costs: Speaking different languages

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Women, men, health care costs: Speaking different languages

Summary: Men and women in the United States think very differently about health care costs. When I talk about the topic, it’s common for me to see half of my listeners zoning out — the male half. Why? Well, because women make or influence 90 percent of the health care decisions in this country, according to […]

That ‘your Googling and my medical degree’ mug”: e-Patients.net

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Summary: “I can’t tell you how many people have flung this Facebook item at me since last night, starting with my wife. :-),” writes my friend e-Patient Dave deBronkart on the e-patients.net blog of the Society for Participatory Medicine. “It’s already approaching 25,000 shares. … Listen, people: Googling does not mean I think I’m a doctor. It’s […]

Culture Change is Here: People are Price-Shopping for Health Care. Our CEO’s ‘Disruptive Women’ Post


Summary: Culture change is here. People are upset about rising health care prices and rising out-of-pocket expenses. In fact, they’re so upset that they’re acting like consumers, by shopping around for their health care, and by sharing information, and by complaining about their outrage. And that’s a good thing. Our CEO, Jeanne Pinder, was recently named […]

‘Chaos, behind a veil of secrecy’: Show me the cash flow


e-Patient Dave deBronkart is a patient advocate and author of the new book “Let Patients Help.” He has been a firm advocate of transparency in billing, and he recently posted this on his blog, epatientdave.com. We are cross-posting with his permission. * * * * * * * By e-Patient Dave deBronkart Latest in my series Let patients […]

The 5 most important things you can do to cut health-care costs


People ask us a lot: what can I do to cut health-care costs? There are different answers, depending on your perspective: patient/consumer, provider (hospital, doctor), payer (insurance company or government or whoever) or someone else. The most important thing: ask what it costs. This is not an easy question to ask: many of us are […]

‘My daughter gets her E on,’ writes E-Patient Dave

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  The guy known as E-Patient Dave is one of our heroes over here at clearhealthcosts.com. So we were excited to see a post on his blog explaining that the apple never falls far from the tree. It involves a hospital, a lab test and a patient, who happens to be Dave’s daughter. Here’s a snippet: “Well, […]

New thinking on health care and costs: 3 must-read pieces


Thinking About Wal-Mart and the First World: “For its more than 8,000 stores in 15 countries around the world, Walmart (WMT, quote) is increasing its offerings in the health care sector with more vaccination shots. (Pictured: A giant underground Walmart in Guiyang, China, accessed via glass pyramids. These are starting with stores in the United States, where Walmart already offers […]

Patient and dermatologist: Listen up as they chat

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Listen carefully. A doctor and a patient are discussing costs over on the epatient blog. The ePatient is Dave de Bronkart; recently he issued an RFP for the treatment of what looked to be skin cancer on his cheek. The doctor happens to be a dermatologist, who’s challenged some of Dave’s statements, and added to […]

HealthFoo: It’s amazing. Health care’s being transformed.

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  The smartest people in the country who are engaging in transformational health enterprises were invited to the HealthFoo  unconference in Boston last weekend. And wow, I got to be there. As my new friend Ted Eytan says, many of us felt we had a case of impostor syndrome — the view that someone had […]