Steady executive pay hikes eclipse cost-containment concerns: Modern Healthcare

Steady executive pay hikes eclipse cost-containment concerns: Modern Healthcare

“Health systems are grappling with competing priorities, trying to corral costs while still attracting and keeping top executive talent with competitive salary and benefit packages,” Alex Kacik writes over at Modern Healthcare. “Judging by the steady increase in executives’ total compensation over the past several years, it seems that health system boards are not compromising […]

15 Highest-Paid Biopharma CEOs of 2013: Follow the money

Summary: The $1,000 hepatitis C drug Sovaldi has been in the news lately for the potential dislocation to drug prices, as well as for its therapeutic benefit to hepatitis C patients. The story behind the story involves Congress planning hearings, patients begging for treatment, drug producers explaining that such high prices barely cover their costs, […]

CEO pay: $38.6 million for the HCA chairman, and millions for others

The chief executive of the biggest for-profit hospital chain in the U.S. earned $38.6 million last year, leading the health-care salary race in the annual New York Times pay survey. Richard Bracken, the CEO of HCA, the hospital chain, leads an enterprise whose profits dropped 34.89 percent, according to the article. HCA was the subject […]

Executive pay and health-care costs

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One of the reasons health-care costs are so high is executive pay. Of the nation’s top 100 highest-paid CEO’s, 19 are from the health-care field, starting out with Fred Hassan at Merck, who earned $49,653,063 in 2009, according to the top 100 database the AFL-CIO has collected via and posted  on its Web site. […]