At the wrong hospital, you’re 3 times more likely to die: New York Times

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Summary: “Not all hospitals are created equal, and the differences in quality can be a matter of life or death,” Reed Abelson writes over at The New York Times. “In the first comprehensive study comparing how well individual hospitals treated a variety of medical conditions, researchers found that patients at the worst American hospitals were […]

Hospital quality ratings on high-volume procedures: U.S. News releases reports

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Summary: Good health-care quality data is hard to find, so when new information sets come on line, we get excited. Here’s new data from U.S. News and Word Report:  “Data on how well 4,600 U.S. hospitals perform on common elective surgeries like knee replacements, and on treating chronic health conditions like congestive heart failure were […]

Hospital quality ratings: Ranking the rankings, at Health Affairs

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Summary: We still haven’t figured out quality metrics in health care. So we’re always interested to see when someone takes a different approach to the topic — in this case, ranking the rankings, in a recent article in Health Affairs and this follow-up.   Jeanne PinderJeanne Pinder  is the founder and CEO of ClearHealthCosts. She […]

Seeking value in hospital quality ratings: Health Leaders Media

Summary: We are often asked about quality rankings systems in health care: Which ones are good? Which are bad? Why don’t we include quality along with prices on our site? Our answer: We are excited to see people working on measuring quality, but the quality measurements draw such different conclusions that you almost want to […]

Hospital quality ratings: Here’s another view, with hospital-by-hospital search

Summary: Quality ratings are hard to come by in the health-care marketplace, and the ones that exist tend to come to very different conclusions. But there’s a new set of quality ratings, imposed by the government, in an attempt to tie performance to pay by penalizing hospitals for complications and conditions acquired in the hospital. Jordan […]

A collection of the best tools for health care quality ratings

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SUMMARY: We’re often asked about quality ratings. They’re hard to come by — the standards vary a lot — but there are some resources. This is a quick list, with some  citations from our blog. To find more, search “quality” on our blog page. If you have great resources, please let us know.     […]