Birth control prices are a big topic of interest on weekend mornings

  Summary: A lot of people are interested in birth-control prices on Saturday and Sunday mornings, according to the Web site analytics that tell us about our site. Common queries: how much do birth control pills cost;  how much does an abortion cost; how much does Depo-Provera cost. The chart at the top of this […]

How people use our information: Readers write from the web

Summary: We are often asked “how do people use your information?” Here’s one way: I have blog post here on our site about colonoscopy prices that was also reposted on The Health Care Blog here. People often find that post via Google search, instead of finding our site, and they let us know what they […]

How do people use our information? A few examples

How do people use our information? A few examples

We’re often asked: “How do people use your information?” Here are some examples. The phone rang on the business line the other day. F.K., a California retiree, wanted to know how much a cardiovascular stress test costs in the Los Angeles area. He’s covered both by Medicare and by a civil service retiree medical policy. […]