Breast Cancer Screening: Who Profits from Early Detection? (Guest Post)

Guest Post by Elisabeth Dale  Elisabeth Dale is “changing the world, one boob at a time.” She is the founder of The Breast Life and author of bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls, a humorous and informative book about breasts. You can learn more about her book and her mission at This post is reprinted with permission from […]

How much does a mammogram cost? Your tales of bills: $0 to $2,786.95.

  SUMMARY: We asked what you paid and what your insurance company paid for a routine mammogram. Sometimes it was straightforward: “Provider cost, including technician was $175. My insurance company paid $56.95. My cost zero.” Or this: “So [insurer]  paid $112.46 and I paid $25, totaling $137.46.” But then it started to get complicated: “Cost […]

When is a mammogram not a mammogram? Different tests, different names

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SUMMARY: What are the different kinds of mammogram? The most common imaging test for breast cancer detection is the mammogram, but it’s not the only one. A mammogram is an X-ray photo of the breasts. Just as you can see the shadow of your hand on a sunny day, breast tissue creates a shadow on the […]

How much does a mammogram cost? Our survey with WNYC: $0 to $2,786.95!

Summary: Women and their insurance companies are paying wildly varying prices for mammograms, and doctors and clinics are charging wildly varying prices, we found in our crowdsourcing project with the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC. Read on to learn more and hear some horror stories, or… CLICK HERE FOR PRICES    

That mammogram we wanted you to pay for? You can’t pay for it.

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Our friend who was  ordered to get a second mammogram, which was not covered by insurance, wrote to us again (if you missed it, here’s her first post.)  The day of my second mammogram coincided with news of Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy.  I was convinced I had breast cancer. I had been told that I needed […]

Your doctor ordered a second mammogram? Sorry, it’s not covered

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A friend writes: I need to get a second mammogram and my $743.55 per month Blue Cross insurance will not pay for it. I have a (single parent/child) Blue Cross/Blue Shield independent Horizon EPO Plus health insurance policy.  I’ve been told that I’ve already reached my maximum for the calendar year of $600 in testing. […]