Top secret no longer: What insurers pay, and what it means for you

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Top secret no longer: What insurers pay, and what it means for you

One of the biggest secrets in health care is the rates that insurance companies pay providers. One insurer might pay one provider $2,400 for an MRI and a different provider $400 — in the same locale and for the same MRI. But we rarely see documentation of that, because the rates are kept secret. So […]

Insurers actually are making a mint from Obamacare: The L.A. Times

Summary: “For months now, headlines about the Affordable Care Act have focused on complaints from big insurers that they haven’t been making money from individual insurance plans mandated by the act,” Michael Hiltzik writes in The Los Angeles Times.  “The big insurer UnitedHealth Group has even whined about losing so many millions it’s thinking about withdrawing from […]

A peek inside insurer negotiations: MedScape reports

Summary: Health insurers beat down physicians in contract negotiations with fuzzy numbers, run-arounds, and other ruses associated with used-car lots, practice consultant Ron Howrigon told attendees here at the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) 2015 Annual Conference,” writes Robert Lowes over at Medscape. “Howrigon should know. For 18 years, he worked in the managed care […]