How much does a vasectomy cost? Is it covered by insurance?

How much does a vasectomy cost? Is it covered by insurance?

(Updated 2022) Each year, around 500,000 men in the U.S. get vasectomies. But as for how insurers will cover vasectomies under the Affordable Care Act, it seems the answer is no. While insured women qualify for contraceptives without a copayment under the Affordable Care Act, male contraception — vasectomies or condoms — are not covered. […]

A portrait of the uninsured: Skipping care

Low-income people spend longer amounts of time being uninsured, and skip needed care because they’re uninsured, according to a new study by the Commonwealth Fund. This in itself may not be surprising, but the depths of the problem are: 35 percent of low-income families and 18 percent of moderate-income families have been uninsured for two […]

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Illinois Insurance Chief (Soon to Head U.S. Insurance Office) Sees Market Becoming More Concentrated  —   Kaiser Health News “Are you hearing anecdotal stories from consumers? “We sure are. People in the pre-Medicare age have a lot of trouble receiving individual and family coverage. Historically someone in that group would receive an offer of coverage […]