How much does a knee replacement cost? Medicare average: $13,464.

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“We analyzed the 2009 Medicare inpatient claims data and other databases to estimate Medicare payments for primary or revision total knee arthroplasty (TKA). The average Medicare hospital payment per procedure was $13,464 for primary TKA (n=227,587) and $17,331 for revision TKA (n=18,677). For both primary and revision TKAs Medicare payments varied substantially across patients, hospitals […]

How much does a knee replacement cost? A question from an NJ Transit bus

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An ad for surgery on the side of a bus is guaranteed to get my attention. So this ad for “custom knee replacement” at the Raritan Bay Medical Center was definitely of interest. I called the hospital to ask what that means, and what it would cost. The customization comes, according to Maryann Finney, assistant director […]

Getting a price quote ahead of surgery

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“How much should a knee replacement cost?” It’s a topic Dr. Blair Rhode writes about on an orthopedic surgery web site, about bringing a retail method to medical pricing. “If an uninsured patient went to a local hospital and asked to pay cash for a knee replacement, they would likely be quoted a number close to […]