A collection of the best tools for health care quality ratings

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SUMMARY: We’re often asked about quality ratings. They’re hard to come by — the standards vary a lot — but there are some resources. This is a quick list, with some ¬†citations from our blog. To find more, search “quality” on our blog page. If you have great resources, please let us know.     […]

Does your hospital get an A or an F?

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In case you missed it: Leapfrog Group released its updated hospital ratings for more than 2,500 U.S. hospitals not long ago. Not everyone agrees with every hospital ranking system. We wrote about this last year, in this blog post. The conclusion: information is good, but be careful how you use it. “New research estimates up […]

Ranking hospitals: Do the rankings need rankings?

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SUMMARY: Quality metrics in the health-care marketplace are hard to find. People ask us about quality all the time; usually the question comes in the context of “you don’t pick a provider only on cost,” and the ensuing suggestion that we work here at ClearHealthCosts to become something like a Yelp of health-care, with prices […]