The new Massachusetts state health care website: The Boston Globe

The new Massachusetts state health care website: The Boston Globe

“State officials are launching a website that attempts to make health care costs a little easier for consumers to understand,” Priyanka Dayal McCluskey writes over at The Boston Globe. “The long-planned website,, is scheduled to go live Wednesday. It contains information about health care costs and quality, and includes guides to help patients ask […]

Massachusetts study shows pricier isn’t better: Health Affairs

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Summary: Massachusetts continues to be interesting, not only in prices of health care, but also in other regards. High-price providers still compel attention from regulators, but nothing ever seems to change, as we see in a Health Affairs blog post by David Seltz, David Auerbach, Kate Mills, Marian Wrobel, and Aaron Pervin. “The two highest-priced […]

Academic medical centers drive up health costs: Boston Globe Op-Ed

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Summary: “Massachusetts has a problem: Even with all the work we have done, health care costs are outrageously high and unsustainable. On average, every Massachusetts resident spends 36 percent more on health care than the national average,” writes Dr. Howard Grant, president and chief executive officer of Lahey Health, in an op-ed piece in The […]

The All-Payer Claims Database: What you need to know

The All-Payer Claims Database: What you need to know

(Updated, July 2019) A friend told us the other day that the all payer claims database, also known as an APCD, is the answer to health cost transparency. By collecting the payment info together where it can be compared, by this logic, the secrecy in the system will be erased. We said, not so much. […]

High health costs in Massachusetts: A new state report

SUMMARY: Massachusetts continues to see skyrocketing health-care costs. Why you should care: ¬†Romneycare, an Obamacare lookalike, has been in effect for long enough to see results. Those results included expanded access to care — the state has the highest rate of insurance coverage in the nation — but costs did not go down. The reasons? […]

Health care costs the most in Massachusetts, report finds

SUMMARY: Massachusetts was first in the nation to expand insurance coverage under the “Romneycare” legislation from 2006. But spending is up: residents use more services, and they cost more. Policy wonks follow carefully what happened to coverage and prices in Massachusetts, as a suggestion of what the Affordable Care Act might bring to the rest […]

Video: Massachusetts consumers try to find price, quality information

Excellent: “Healthcare Consumers: A Search for Price and Quality” from the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. An 11-minute video, it documents Massachusetts consumers’ attempts to find price and quality information. Under a new law, Massachusetts consumers are supposed to be able to find this information quickly and easily. Consumers’ results vary greatly: […]

A comparison of monthly insurance premiums: Highest are MA, NY, NJ… and AK

How much does health insurance cost? Well, that depends. We picked up this chart online from healthinsurancesort. com, which got the info from You might notice that both of the sources are selling insurance, and so … with anything else, you might want to consider the source. However, it’s too interesting to ignore: highest […]