Cash for mammograms is ‘ethically troubling,’ JAMA article says

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Summary: “Offering women money, paid time off, or other incentives to undergo mammography screening is ‘ethically troubling,’ contends the author of a viewpoint published in the September¬†8 issue of JAMA. A better idea is to offer women incentives for using evidence-based decision aids, irrespective of their ultimate decision for or against screening, says Harald Schmidt, […]

Birth control pills: Sorting kinds and costs

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Birth control pills: Sorting kinds and costs

(Updated 2022) Birth-control pills come in what looks like a bewildering collection of names for the lay person. Tri-Sprintec, Tri-Lo-Sprintec? Why do some have 21, 24, 28 in their names? Yikes. And … what do they cost? Here’s a handbook on birth-control pill types. For further price information, see our preceding posts about birth-control pricing […]