The All-Payer Claims Database: What you need to know


Summary: A friend told us the other day that the all payer claims database, also known as an APCD, is the answer to health cost transparency. By collecting the payment info together where it can be compared, by this logic, the secrecy in the system will be erased. We said, not so much. Why? Here […]

Minnesota agency releases total cost of care across medical groups

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Summary: A new report has just been published by MN Community Measurement that allows consumers to compare the cost of health care at medical groups across the state. I don’t know of another database quite like this one for actionable consumer information.   CLICK HERE FOR PRICES    

Moving to Minnesota: Great, free health-cost information

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Moving to Minnesota: Great, free health-cost information

So if you were concerned about health-care costs, you could move to Minnesota, where the costs of care are documented pretty clearly. Using the Minnesota HealthScores, you can find out pretty quickly that a Cesarean section can run from $4,348 in Rochester to $,2498 in Woodbury. Or, know this: the cost of a colonoscopy in […]