Texas health official out after study on Planned Parenthood

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Summary: “A top Texas health official is stepping down after co-authoring a study that drew strong backlash from Republican leaders for suggesting that cuts to Planned Parenthood are restricting access to women’s health care statewide,” Paul J. Weber writes for The Associated Press. “Rick Allgeyer, director of research at the Texas Health and Human Services […]

Quality measures: Getting More Performance from Performance Measurement — NEJM

Summary: Performance transparency is as broken in health care as price transparency is. Here is a compelling perspective in a piece from the New England Journal of Medicine explaining just how many ways performance metrics are broken, and offering a few suggestions on how to fix the situation.   CLICK HERE FOR PRICES    

Harvard Business Review-New England Journal of Medicine features us

Summary: The Harvard Business Review/New England Journal of Medicine featured my article describing clearhealthcosts.com and our work on PriceCheck on Nov. 26. In a piece titled “It’s Absurd That Health Care Costs Are So Confusing,” I explained how health cost transparency is helping empower people in the marketplace. CLICK HERE FOR PRICES    

Prescription-Drug Coupons: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch — NEJM

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To go along with the recent guest post here about drug discount cards from Richard J. Sagall,  founder of Needymeds, here’s an excerpt from an excellent piece in the New England Journal of Medicine about prescription drug coupons: “We found (by searching the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] website and the Tarascon Pharmacopoeia) that a […]