What does it cost? Why the question matters.

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  Casey Quinlan of Mighty Casey Media (Twitter @MightyCasey, @CancerForXmas) gave powerful voice to a patient’s perspective on controlling medical costs on the email list of the Society for Participatory Medicine. Casey is a writer, speaker and media consultant, who was asked to write a blog post on the topic, which is reprinted here.  Reblogged with permission from Epatients.net.     […]

New essay contest from Costsofcare.org

Guest Post from Neel Shah, M.D. Costs of Care Essay Contest 2012: Stories from Patients and their Caregivers Uncover Opportunities to Improve Healthcare Value As a presidential election looms and the American economy struggles to recover, the spiraling costs of healthcare have become a contentious political focal point without an obvious solution. Yet for patients […]

New thinking on health care and costs: 3 must-read pieces

Thinking About Wal-Mart and the First World: “For its more than 8,000 stores in 15 countries around the world, Walmart (WMT, quote) is increasing its offerings in the health care sector with more vaccination shots. (Pictured: A giant underground Walmart in Guiyang, China, accessed via glass pyramids. These are starting with stores in the United States, where Walmart already offers […]

Hair-raising: Overtreatment in medicine

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For a catalog of some of the things that are seriously wrong with the American health-care system, run, don’t walk over to Well, the New York Times blog. Tara Parker-Pope, the extraordinary curator and writer and community-developer over there, wrote a story about overtreatment in medicine, and invited comment. Of course, overtreatment is often cited […]

“What if health care…”: The #bcsm community dreams

  The people over on Twitter had a great chat about breast cancer treatment the other night. If you’ve never seen a Tweetchat, zip on over and take a look: #bcsm is the hashtag, and the screenshot below is a sampling of their conversation. (It takes place every Monday.) The focus was #whatifhc, the extremely […]