Leaked Southern California records reveal huge 675% markups for health care: The Los Angeles Times

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Leaked Southern California records reveal huge 675% markups for health care: The Los Angeles Times

“Ridiculous, seemingly arbitrary price markups are a defining characteristic of the $4-trillion U.S. healthcare system — and a key reason Americans pay more for treatment than anyone else in the world,” David Lazarus writes over at The Los Angeles Times. “But to see price hikes of as much as 675% being imposed in real time, […]

Wahoo! We’re semifinalists in the Knight News Challenge for health!

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We’re excited to announce that our  partnership with eight news organizations has been chosen as one of 40  semifinalists in the Knight Foundation Health News Challenge. Knight  speeds media innovation by funding breakthrough ideas in news and information. In this challenge, they’re aided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, California HealthCare Foundation, Clinton Foundation and the Health […]

Write a health-cost essay; win part of $4,000 in prizes from Costs of Care

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By Neel Shah Founder and Executive Director Costsofcare.org The policymakers we have tasked with improving our healthcare system mean well but have limited optics. I don’t blame them. Capitol Hill is a long way from the hospital bedside. Patients and their caregivers are much better positioned to see routine opportunities for improving the value of […]

Why we don’t wear hearing aids: Part 1 of a series

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Why we don’t wear hearing aids: Part 1 of a series

(Updated 2022) Katherine Bouton, a former editor at The New York Times, is the author of “Shouting Won’t Help: Why I  — and 50 Million Other Americans — Can’t Hear You.” This was originally posted on her Psychology Today blog, “What I  Hear,” and is reposted with permission as the first part of our new series, […]

What it means to you: Oct. 1 and buying health insurance, an overview

You may have been hoping you could ignore the topic of health insurance, but Oct. 1 is almost here, and with it the new health insurance landscape brought by the Affordable Care Act. And we’re going to help you navigate through it. Here is an outline of what we’ll write about, basically a handbook on […]

New models of payment: Going direct, and cutting out the middleman

  This is the second part in our series of new models of payment in the health-care marketplace, touching employers and individuals. The first part is here. * * * * * Employers, patients and other health-care marketplace parties are increasingly cutting insurance companies out of the equation. We’ve written about cost-plus and Medicare-plus, which […]

‘Looking through my eyes’ — a saga of lupus and health care

This piece is reposted with permission from Costs of Care, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Boston, which has as its misison expanding the national discourse on the role of doctors, nurses, and other care providers in health care spending, while empowering providers with the information they need to deflate medical bills on a grassroots level. * * […]

Acts of healing, and of overcharging: Contributors on their mammograms

SUMMARY: Amazing acts of healing and grace — and upsetting episodes of overcharging. That’s what our contributors told us about in our joint project with the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC crowdsourcing the price of mammograms.     Jeanne PinderJeanne Pinder  is the founder and CEO of ClearHealthCosts. She worked at The New York Times […]