At the wrong hospital, you’re 3 times more likely to die: New York Times

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Summary: “Not all hospitals are created equal, and the differences in quality can be a matter of life or death,” Reed Abelson writes over at The New York Times. “In the first comprehensive study comparing how well individual hospitals treated a variety of medical conditions, researchers found that patients at the worst American hospitals were […]

How health quality measures became a jungle: Joanne Kenen

Summary: “Quality measures are good, right? We all want our doctors and hospitals to follow best practices and be held to them,” writes Joanne Kenen, health editor at Politico, on the Association of Health Care Journalists blog. “It’s not so simple. Put aside for the moment whether the measure is accurate – we don’t always […]

Doctor discipline: Resources for judging quality in health care

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Summary: When we display prices for medical treatments, inevitably the question of quality comes up. Since price and quality are both hidden from public view in health care, we are always excited to see some source — any source — of quality information. One source: doctor disciplinary listings. CLICK HERE FOR PRICES     Jeanne […]

Quality measures in health care: Docs who do more do better

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Quality measures in health care: Docs who do more do better

SUMMARY: It’s hard to find good quality measures in health care. One good proxy measure for quality is frequency: The doc who does more knee replacements tends to be good at doing knee replacements. It’s not always strictly true, but often is.     Jeanne PinderJeanne Pinder  is the founder and CEO of ClearHealthCosts. She […]