‘Reference pricing’ has marginal benefit, study finds: Kaiser Health

Summary: “In an effort to slow health care spending, more employers are looking at capping what they pay for certain procedures — like joint replacements — and requiring insured workers who choose hospitals or medical facilities that exceed the cap to pay the difference themselves. But a study out Thursday finds employers might be disappointed […]

Reference pricing is not a substitute for competition in health care, FTC economists point out

Summary: In an effort to limit health cost increases, some economists suggest that the answer is reference pricing — an insurer sets a price that it regards as the “reference” and business is conducted from that price. Apart from the obvious question of who sets the price, there are a raft of other issues, as […]

New models of payment: Going direct, and cutting out the middleman

  This is the second part in our series of new models of payment in the health-care marketplace, touching employers and individuals. The first part is here. * * * * * Employers, patients and other health-care marketplace parties are increasingly cutting insurance companies out of the equation. We’ve written about cost-plus and Medicare-plus, which […]