‘Benevolent geniuses’ are working to lower health costs: The Billfold

Summary: We are really humbled to be written about this way, as we were in The Billfold on Dec. 4. “This Cost Conversations in Healthcare conference I was invited to address, put on by dedicated people from the ABIM Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson, and Costs of Care, has been fascinating,” Ester Bloom writes on The Billfold. “Just being in […]

Our research cited as expert in all-payer claims database reporting

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Summary: When our research and writing are cited as major sources of knowledge, we are both proud and humbled. So when we noticed we were getting a lot of traffic from a think-tank in Ohio, we scurried on over to their web page, to notice that we are being cited as an expert on the […]

What does it cost? And why is it so hard to find out? A video asks…

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  Why does it cost so much? And what can we do about it? It’s possible that this video, titled “This Cost How Much?” and made last year, is even smarter now than it was then. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled on the individual mandate, now that the presidential election is over, now […]