What does it cost? And why is it so hard to find out? A video asks…

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  Why does it cost so much? And what can we do about it? It’s possible that this video, titled “This Cost How Much?” and made last year, is even smarter now than it was then. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled on the individual mandate, now that the presidential election is over, now […]

HealthFoo: It’s amazing. Health care’s being transformed.

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  The smartest people in the country who are engaging in transformational health enterprises were invited to the HealthFoo  unconference in Boston last weekend. And wow, I got to be there. As my new friend Ted Eytan says, many of us felt we had a case of impostor syndrome — the view that someone had […]

Patients and doctors, all dissatisfied

Patients and doctors, all dissatisfied

Doctors and patients have wildly differing perspectives on the health-care marketplace,  and yet they share a feeling of dissatisfaction. Both constituencies were interviewed in a pair of newly released studies by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Talking About Health Care Payment Reform with U.S.Consumers and Talking with Physicians about Improving Payment and Reimbursement. The big […]