I read 7 Republican Obamacare replacement plans. Here’s what I learned: Sarah Kliff, Vox

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Summary: “If there’s one thing Republicans have been clear about for the past six years, it is that the top of their agenda includes repealing Obamacare,” writes Sarah Kliff over at Vox. “But Obamacare repeal would leave an estimated 22 million Americans without coverage and wreak havoc on the individual insurance market. It’s becoming increasingly […]

Shopping for health care: A few thoughts on how to do it

Summary: Yes, people are shopping for health care. Some are better at it than others, and some providers and payers (read: doctors/hospitals and insurers) are better than others about revealing information. We’re always interested to hear when people who haven’t encountered these truths come up against the real world. So when Sarah Kliff, the well-respected […]

More expensive medical care must be better, right? Not so fast…

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More expensive medical care must be better, right? Not so fast…

Summary: More expensive health care must be better, right? After all, that rule works for cars (a Lamborghini is better than a Kia), for restaurants (Four Seasons beats McDonald’s) and for real estate (Park Avenue beats Staten Island). But in health care, it’s not quite so easy. Jeanne PinderJeanne Pinder  is the founder and CEO […]

Why some insurance plans are being canceled: The facts, please

Why are some insurance policies being canceled as the Affordable Care Act rolls out? Sarah Kliff has an excellent discussion on Wonkblog. The cancellations have caused some consternation because President Obama said many times that people who like their insurance can keep it, which, as she points out,  “is a weird promise to make when one of […]

Cost and subsidies of insurance, and the long-lost public option

Government subsidies under the Affordable Care Act work in mysterious ways: A Vanderbilt University researcher told The Washington Post over the weekend that his analysis of subsidies in the states where the federal government is running the exchanges shows huge anomalies. “The feds will spend just about $10,000 subsidizing health insurance costs for a poor, […]