Using Open Notes to keep medical records: Peter Elias tells how

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Summary: Patients want to know what’s in their doctors’ records, and doctors need to tell them. While this is not common practice right now, it could be. Dr. Peter Elias, a family doctor in Maine and a fellow member of the Society for Participatory Medicine, made this mini-video telling how he does it.

People want to collaborate with doctors, new study finds

Summary: “A fundamental precept of participatory medicine is that health care should not be a spectator sport — it’s best practiced in a participatory manner,” writes Danny Sands on the Society for Participatory Medicine blog. “This requires engagement from both the patient and the clinician. Yet the typical behavior of health encounters is not that. […]

Let’s get to work: Ways to save money on health care

SUMMARY: Once upon a time, many of us had a health insurance plan that gave us most of what we needed for a $10 or $20 co-pay. That’s no longer true: many of us now are on insurance plans with a high deductible, a high co-pay, out of network, out of pocket — or paying a percentage […]

A mother’s plea on turns around a Blue Cross denial

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Guest Post by Amy Gleason This post began from an e-mail Amy Gleason sent to a group of members of the Society for Participatory Medicine. It is posted with permission from Amy. I just wanted to share a positive experience I had as an e-patient (well e-caregiver in this case). I have really struggled with […]

A doctor’s question: What if drugs were all over-the-counter?

Summary: We hear a lot from doctors who see the problems of the health care system from a perspective that’s often surprisingly revelatory. Occasionally, we meet someone who’s a good doctor, writer and thinker all at the same time. Dr. David Voran is one; he wrote this for us about the problems his patients encounter […]

What does it cost? Why the question matters.

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  Casey Quinlan of Mighty Casey Media (Twitter @MightyCasey, @CancerForXmas) gave powerful voice to a patient’s perspective on controlling medical costs on the email list of the Society for Participatory Medicine. Casey is a writer, speaker and media consultant, who was asked to write a blog post on the topic, which is reprinted here.  Reblogged with permission from     […]