Yes, people shop for healthcare. But are they good at it?

Yes, people shop for healthcare. But are they good at it?

(Updated 2022) Do people really “shop” for healthcare? And if they do, do they do it well or poorly? It’s both complicated and pretty simple; let’s discuss. We used to hear “no one shops for healthcare.” But we know that not to be true; here’s a blog post I wrote about how people are doing just […]

Hospital quality ratings on high-volume procedures: U.S. News releases reports

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Summary: Good health-care quality data is hard to find, so when new information sets come on line, we get excited. Here’s new data from U.S. News and Word Report:  “Data on how well 4,600 U.S. hospitals perform on common elective surgeries like knee replacements, and on treating chronic health conditions like congestive heart failure were […]

A collection of the best tools for health care quality ratings

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SUMMARY: We’re often asked about quality ratings. They’re hard to come by — the standards vary a lot — but there are some resources. This is a quick list, with some  citations from our blog. To find more, search “quality” on our blog page. If you have great resources, please let us know.     […]