We launched our new partnership with WNYC and Gothamist in November 2019, under the name “#PriceCheckNYC,” with funding from the New York State Health Foundation. 

In March 2020, we pivoted to reporting on the Covid pandemic sweeping the nation. The year-long partnership ended in November 2020.

Our work was featured on the Gothamist.com home page, and on Brian Lehrer’s show at WNYC. Read Caroline Lewis’s story about the project on Gothamist — for instance, ClearHealthCosts found that a cholesterol test at a lab in the Bronx costs $21 cash — but a hospital charged $1,294. Check our our launch on WNYC with Brian Lehrer.

Here is the project page for #PriceCheckNYC, at Gothamist, collecting our work.

This is a continuation of our national partnership strategy at ClearHealthCosts; to read about all our partnerships, go here.

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WNYC-Gothamist News coverage

Nov. 1: “What The Affordable Care Act Has—And Hasn’t—Done For New York,” Caroline Lewis.

Oct. 10: “Mount Sinai’s Post-COVID Care Center For ‘Long-Haulers’ Slammed By Patient Demand,” Caroline Lewis.

Sept. 27: “New Yorkers With ‘Long-Haul’ Symptoms Are Upending the Narrative About COVID-19,” Caroline Lewis.

Aug. 15: “New Yorkers’ premiums will tick up in 2021, but barely, after state steps in,” Caroline Lewis.

Aug. 2: “Many Psychiatric Units Went Offline During The Pandemic. Healthcare Workers Wonder If They’ll Ever Return,” Caroline Lewis.

July 6: “PriceCheckNYC: Insurance and Covid-19,” The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC, with Caroline Lewis and Jeanne Pinder.

July 4: “Relief could come for struggling New Yorkers trying to keep health insurance,” Caroline Lewis.

July 2: “PriceCheck NYC: Back to the doctor’s office?” The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC, with Caroline Lewis and Jeanne Pinder.

June 28: “Struggling medical offices see some light at end of tunnel as NYC reopens,” Caroline Lewis.

June 19: “How have you been dealing with health issues during the pandemic?” Caroline Lewis.

June 12: “Will the COVID-19 pandemic lead to higher insurance rates?” Caroline Lewis.

June 11: “Health insurers are blocking self-administered birth control injections during pandemic, doctors say,” Caroline Lewis.

May 17: “Your guide to antibody test locations, costs, and accuracy in NYC,” Caroline Lewis.

May 15: “Eyeing Medicaid cuts, Cuomo puts his stamp on a $3 trillion stimulus bill,” Caroline Lewis.

May 8: “Experts worry health inequalities, highlighted by Coronavirus, will continue to grow,” Caroline Lewis.

April 30: “Cuomo issued an executive order waiving telemedicine copays -— so why are patients still getting charged?” Caroline Lewis.

April 26: “Antibody tests can’t guarantee immunity -— but New Yorkers want them anyway,” Caroline Lewis.

April 8: “Health Centers Serving Low-Income Communities Decimated By COVID-19 Say Cuomo Is Starving Them Of Vital Funding,” Caroline Lewis.

March 31: “Cuomo Won’t Back Down On Medicaid Cuts—Even If It Means Spurning Billions In Coronavirus Aid,” Caroline Lewis

March 21: “Getting tested for coronavirus when you’re not a celebrity,” Caroline Lewis.

March 3: “Cuomo orders health insurers to waive Coronavirus testing fees,” Caroline Lewis.

Feb. 24: “PriceCheck NYC: Free screenings come with surprises,” The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC, with Caroline Lewis and Jeanne Pinder.

Feb. 18: “Why Some Breast Cancer Screenings Come With Unexpected Costs,” Caroline Lewis.

Feb. 7: “The $24,000 Fox Bite: Woman Gets Huge Bill For Rabies Treatment,” Caroline Lewis.

Jan. 31: “New Bill Would Prevent NY Patients From Getting Stuck With Hidden ‘Facility Fees,’” Caroline Lewis.

Jan. 22: “#PriceCheckNYC: Avoiding Care Because of the Money,” The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC, with Caroline Lewis and Jeanne Pinder.

Jan. 15: “Patient Who Questioned ‘Blank Check’ Financial Liability Form Turned Away Right Before Medical Procedure,” Caroline Lewis and Jeanne Pinder.

Jan. 10: “Side Hustles And Credit Card Debt: How NYers Pay For Mental Health Care,” Caroline Lewis.

Jan. 6: “Transparency in health care,” Jeanne Pinder on the Gotham Gal podcast with angel investor Joanne Wilson.

Dec. 16: “Why New York Is At The Center Of The Debate Over How To Fight Surprise Medical Bills,” Caroline Lewis.

Dec. 11: Our Brian Lehrer update, in the Greene Space at WNYC. Other guests: Andrea Bernstein, senior editor for politics and policy for WNYC News and co-host of the podcast Trump, Inc., and Ilya Marritz, WNYC reporter and co-host of the Trump, Inc. podcast at WNYC, talk about the latest in their investigations and the impeachment hearings; Tony Kushner, award-winning playwright, wrote his play “A Bright Room Called Day” when Ronald Reagan was president and he saw links between the 1980s and Weimar Germany. He has updated the play for a new era and is joined by Nikki M. James, the Tony Award-winning actress now starring in A Bright Room Called Day, to talk about the Public Theater’s new production.

Dec. 11: “10 Steps To Finding Out What That Medical Procedure Actually Costs,” Caroline Lewis and Jeanne Pinder.

Nov. 27: “Medical Estimates Are Meaningless As Providers Can Charge Thousands More Than You Expect,” Caroline Lewis.

Nov. 14: “Help Make Health Costs More Transparent And Share Your Stories,” Caroline Lewis.

Nov. 14: Our Brian Lehrer launch!