Your doctor ordered a second mammogram? Sorry, it’s not covered

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A friend writes: I need to get a second mammogram and my $743.55 per month Blue Cross insurance will not pay for it. I have a (single parent/child) Blue Cross/Blue Shield independent Horizon EPO Plus health insurance policy.  I’ve been told that I’ve already reached my maximum for the calendar year of $600 in testing. […]

Our WNYC collaboration

How much do birth-control pills and mammograms cost? How much do birth-control pills cost? How much does a simple procedure like a mammogram cost? Prices vary widely in health care. Many people don’t know that, because it’s an opaque marketplace. We are working to bring transparency by telling people what things cost. Transparent markets benefit […]

The people speak on the cost of care: Comments on the news

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There are fascinating comments on the stream at the Well blog on for the Libby Rosenthal piece about the study seeking the price of a hip replacement, which was the topic of an article by Reuters also (where I was quoted), and an article by Chad Terhune in The Los Angeles Times. Our friend Robert […]

Finding consumer prices from hospitals is hard, study finds

  It’s hard for patients to find prices for medical procedures in advance, even for common things, a new study finds. Our readers won’t be surprised, but this was a  thorough investigation by a trio of respected scholars, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study catalogs the  scholars’ attempts to find […]

ClearHealthCosts press coverage: Health News Review and The Observer

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We were flattered to be featured on Health News Review not long ago. The review featured our blog post on health-care pricing, specifically MRI’s. The two posts they focused on, on “How much does an MRI Cost?” related what we had found  about pricing — in Part 1 and Part 2. “This is helpful, albeit […]

The 5 most important things you can do to cut health-care costs

People ask us a lot: what can I do to cut health-care costs? There are different answers, depending on your perspective: patient/consumer, provider (hospital, doctor), payer (insurance company or government or whoever) or someone else. The most important thing: ask what it costs. This is not an easy question to ask: many of us are […]

Aetna, paying 45 percent less than Medicare, is schooled on Twitter

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Aetna pays 45 percent less than what Medicare pays, at least for one treatment in California. Aetna also pays half of what other insurers pay. This is startling because a lot of the noise in the health-care marketplace is about low government reimbursement rates, via Medicare  (the federal program for the elderly and disabled) and […]

Well-woman exams: How much they cost, what to know

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Well-woman exams: How much they cost, what to know

(Updated 2022) How much does an annual well-woman gynecological exam cost? It’s recommended that all adult women have an annual gynecological exam — also known as a “well-woman exam” — that includes a health history, breast exam, pelvic exam, Pap smear, physical exam and complete health screening. But what does it cost? Well, that depends. […]

Retail clinics and membership medical: Different models for health care

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SUMMARY: Retail clinic health care, direct primary care and membership medical — what happened to the old doctor’s office? Things have changed: New practices include walk-in clinics and urgent-care locations; their rise is a response to changes in the marketplace. We help you sort it all out. Read on for details, or … CLICK HERE FOR […]

What vaccines do people need? Where can you get vaccines?

Where can I get vaccinated? Does insurance cover vaccinations? How much does an out-of-pocket vaccination cost? As of September 2010, the Health Care Reform Law requires insurance companies to cover certain preventive treatments, including general vaccinations, although in reality there are many “yes, but….” subtleties and some “grandfathered” insurance plans are exempt from this law. […]