ClearHealthCosts press coverage: Health News Review and The Observer

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We were flattered to be featured on Health News Review not long ago. The review featured our blog post on health-care pricing, specifically MRI’s. The two posts they focused on, on “How much does an MRI Cost?” related what we had found  about pricing — in Part 1 and Part 2. “This is helpful, albeit […]

The 5 most important things you can do to cut health-care costs

People ask us a lot: what can I do to cut health-care costs? There are different answers, depending on your perspective: patient/consumer, provider (hospital, doctor), payer (insurance company or government or whoever) or someone else. The most important thing: ask what it costs. This is not an easy question to ask: many of us are […]

Aetna, paying 45 percent less than Medicare, is schooled on Twitter

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Aetna pays 45 percent less than what Medicare pays, at least for one treatment in California. Aetna also pays half of what other insurers pay. This is startling because a lot of the noise in the health-care marketplace is about low government reimbursement rates, via Medicare  (the federal program for the elderly and disabled) and […]

Retail clinics and membership medical: Different models for health care

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SUMMARY: Retail clinic health care, direct primary care and membership medical — what happened to the old doctor’s office? Things have changed: New practices include walk-in clinics and urgent-care locations; their rise is a response to changes in the marketplace. We help you sort it all out. Read on for details, or … CLICK HERE FOR […]

What vaccines do people need? Where can you get vaccines?

Where can I get vaccinated? Does insurance cover vaccinations? How much does an out-of-pocket vaccination cost? As of September 2010, the Health Care Reform Law requires insurance companies to cover certain preventive treatments, including general vaccinations, although in reality there are many “yes, but….” subtleties and some “grandfathered” insurance plans are exempt from this law. […]

Urgent care, primary care, walk-in or retail clinic? Discuss.

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Urgent care, primary care, walk-in or retail clinic? Discuss.

Urgent-care or walk-in? Primary care or retail medicine? What’s the difference? What happened to my old doctor’s office visit? and what’s the difference between membership medical and walk-in clinics? We help you sort it all out. How much does a walk-in clinic visit cost? Well, that depends. While researching the price of a basic initial […]

Showing prices is not the same as pricing transparency

While hunting for health-care price figures we found, which at first sight appears to be another great health care transparency resource with tons of fantastic data. Equipped with a friendly and consumer-empowering “main street” feel, the site promises to help you “make smart choices about your care” and “learn how to stretch your health […]

Overuse and misdiagnosis: The M.R.I. and The Times

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  There’s a thoughtful and thought-provoking story by Gina Kolata in The Times about overuse of M.R.I. tests and resulting misdiagnosis and mistreatment. Read it, every word. She quotes one doctor as saying: “An M.R.I. is unlike any other imaging tool we use. ,It is a very sensitive tool, but it is not very specific. […]